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A L L  T E R R A I N / L E I S U R E  S T E P S  e - B I K E  -  e C 7  S E R I E S


F A S T  U R B A N / C O M M U T E R  S T E P S  e - B I K E  -  e R 7  S E R I E S 

Not everyone has the lungs and legs of our Whyte race team, but our range of electrically assisted bikes mean you can still enjoy the freedom of unrestricted riding and our unique design qualities.

Our Coniston e-Bike was hugely popular last year so we’ve expanded the range to offer its advantages to even more riders with the addition of our urbanised Clifton and Highgate models. The latest Shimano STEPS motor and battery technology gives fully tunable, instinctively interactive power assist with an effortless exploring range of up to 125km. Our signature confident handling character and powerful disc brakes on all bikes mean their easy speed is always under control on a twisty downhill, picture postcard towpath trail or cross city commute.

Because we know these are bikes for a whole new lease of life, our distinctively British Whyte styling and practicality completes the perfect way to recharge and reignite your love of riding.

To learn more about SHIMANO STEPS click here.


All Terrain capability is built in, and with our proven Whyte C7 geometry you can be sure you’ll stay comfortable, relaxed and in control, whatever your chosen journey has in store.

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