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ATB Sales Ltd warrants with the purchaser of a new Whyte bike that the frame will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The duration of the limited frame warranty can be extended to four years by registering your purchase online here.

The cosmetic finish of the frame, including all paint and graphics is warrantied for a period of one year from date of purchase.
The Main Pivot Bearings fitted to Whyte Full Suspension bikes are warrantied for life (original owner only)

This limited warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1. The bike must be supplied fully assembled from an official dealer’s premises.
2. The instructions for use, maintenance and cleaning of the frame must be followed and all usual precautions to protect the frame from the elements must be taken at all times as the frame may suffer damage if it is neglected or not properly maintained and cleaned.
3. Normal wear and tear, crash damage or accidental damage is excluded from this warranty.
4. This warranty will not apply to frames which have been improperly assembled; or modified; or have had parts or accessories fitted which are not compatible with the frame.
5. Repainting or re-lacquering a metal frame will invalidate the warranty where the process involves heating the frame to over 180 Celsius. Repainting or re-lacquering a carbon frame will invalidate this warranty altogether.
6. This warranty will not apply to frames used for racing, jumping, trick riding or any other non standard use.
7. This warranty does not include any liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage and such is expressly excluded.
8. This warranty does not cover labour charges incurred in changing over parts or the cost of carriage.
9. Claims under this warranty must be reported in writing by the first registered owner to ATB Sales Ltd and the frame delivered to one of its authorised dealers within the period of this warranty.
10. Whyte Bikes decline all responsibility for damages to people, animals or objects due to the use of this product.



Before use, it is essential that the rider is familiar with the safe operation of this bicycle.
Please read all the supplied documentation carefully before use of this bike.
If you have any questions, please contact your retailer.



The lightweight Handlebars supplied on this bike MUST be replaced periodically as in time they will possibly fail due to fatigue. We recommend a maximum of two years between replacements, less if you ride aggressively.

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